Perks of studying abroad

: Personal & Professional


You know the drill of making any significant decision in life. There is a lot of hopping between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ between you land upon a wise decision. You may be overwhelmed with the fear of leaving your comfort zone or the lack of support systems in an unknown country. In the hype of making a decision, some apparent factors might get blurred. And we are here to give you clarity on the matter. Here are some personal and professional perks of studying abroad that might get you started your dream journey overseas.


Professional advantages of studying abroad


1.    International exposure at an early stage


Studying in an internationally recognized institution guarantees a rewarding and content student life. You get to take part in many exciting projects and collaborations with global leaders. Hanging around with people from different ethnic, financial and educational backgrounds bring many fruitful conversations to the table. As you immerse yourself in a new language and new work culture, your network widens. You may meet friends who might come helpful later while searching for a job. You live in student apartments sharing space and experiences, having the first dose of adulting. The student housing in London, Birmingham and Leeds provide communal areas for international students to mingle and create bonds that may last a lifetime.


2.    Better career opportunities


Starting from having a wide range of courses to choose from, studying abroad allows you to explore different career options that you may miss out on in your home country. The flexible education system in the USA and the UK attracts millions of students worldwide. Students get to choose from many courses in art, literature, science and technology, management, finance, business, history, and law. There’s also the allowance of choosing the major on the go if the student wishes to explore different options. In addition, students get acquainted with varied methods of training, from classroom lectures to group projects to self-study sessions. Besides, the international tag on your resume makes you a favourable candidate for the recruiters.


3.    Finance management and investment


When you are near your home and your close ones, you overlook the unnecessary expenses. But when you start living independently, you become conscious of the money that flows out and start to spend intentionally. If you make it a habit to keep track of the budget, you can easily spot the difference between your needs and wants. Though stringent budget keeping will only take away the fun element, you can strike a balance to have fun without going broke. There are various student plans in different banks that you can make use of while studying abroad. You put the effort into learning about investments and financial management while you are a student. This guarantees you a safe and secure future.

Furthermore, there are multiple scholarships in different universities of different countries which enable to study without any fee.


Personal wins of studying abroad


1.    Growth out of comfort zone


Only when you refrain from your comfort zone, you find the space to grow. You may get confused, paranoid or anxious, but you manage to handle the situation when you know you are on your own. You become self-reliant and build confidence to face any difficulties in life. Being exposed to the experiences and challenges at an early stage helps you develop a mature and holistic perspective. When you experience life on an extensive scale, you grow acceptable to changes. Many students from student housing in the University of Nottingham and University of Edinburgh have reported increased worldly knowledge and open-mindedness due to having a bunch of friends around. You learn about life out of textbooks and classrooms.


2.    Polished language skills


Lack of confidence and fluency in a language is a limiting factor for students planning to study abroad. But, if you hold yourself back, you miss a chance to improve and excel in language and communication skills. As a social etiquette, you can try learning a few standard clauses in the local language. Many international students enjoy learning a new language which helps them have a better social life. If you want to stay back in the country after graduation, learning the local language is a big plus. Living among a diverse group also polishes your soft skills such as teamwork, communication, time management, critical thinking and adaptability.


3.    Independent life


It is rather trivial that going places take you to places. You have the opportunity to visit places you always wanted to, experiment with food recipes, take part in international festivals, indulge in new hobbies, meet new people, and explore new levels of freedom. You develop a rational mindset and learn to have a balanced outlook on things. You learn to negotiate, delegate and finish tasks on time. Being mindful of the expenses helps you make wise decisions while planning weekend getaways or fancy dinners. You learn to be self-sufficient and hold yourself accountable to get through life.

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