In the priority list of the Department of Immigration:
Studying in Tasmania, international students will have the opportunity to study and settle permanently in Australia. In addition to being allowed to stay for 2-3 years for work, international students will earn points for permanent residency after graduation.Save on living costs:
According to 2017 statistics, Tasmania has the lowest cost of living in Australia. Renting a single room in Tasmania ranges from $170- $ 250 AUD / week. The cost of accommodation + transportation is also very reasonable for international students.

– The largest Vocational college in Tasmania & is run by the government.
– Top 10 largest Vocational training organizations in Australia which include 12 campuses in different cities.
– TasTAFE has built a reliable network of associates with Australian employers and industry agencies for decades.
– Focus on training the skills that industry needs to maximize the employability of students after graduation.
– Creating opportunities for students in approaching real-world jobs to gain experience.
– TasTAFE has a transfer pathway to the University of Tasmania (UTAS).Courses:
– Hospitality Management.
– Travel & Tourism Management.
– Commercial Cookery.
– Information Technology Networking.
– Engineering – Technical.
– Laboratory Technology.
– Early Childhood Education & Care.
– Nursing.
– Community Service.Entry requires:
IELTS: 5.5 (or equivalent PTE; TOEFL score).
IELTS 7.0 (or equivalent PTE; TOEFL score) for the Diploma of Nursing.

*** If English language requirements are not met, students can register for English courses at Hobart or Launceston.
*** If English test scores are not available, the Tasmanian Department of Education can provide students with online tests to determine their English proficiency. Not applicable to Diploma of Nursing.

Average tuition fee:
$11,000 -$13,000AUD/ 43 – 50 weeks